This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, a time when many of the city’s coastal vulnerabilities became glaringly apparent. Since then, the city and its communities have endeavored to make the coastline more resilient. Yet, immediate and long-term risks associated with global climate change and sea-level rise remain. Recent research on sea-level rise outlines the possibility — some would say probability — of the inundation of vulnerable communities along the Brooklyn waterfront by the end of the century, especially those along Jamaica Bay.

The full-day conference explored many of the questions being raised about the past, present, and future of Jamaica Bay: What is the science behind sea level rise predictions? How will sea level rise affect the communities surrounding Jamaica Bay? What actions are underway and what further actions are being planned to mitigate these impacts? What can be done if none of the planned measures prevents the inundation of Jamaica Bay’s vulnerable neighborhoods?